Information Systems

Broad experiences and capabilities in long range communications systems; server consolidation; computer installation and integration; computer software and financial development, design and integration down to the SLIN level of accounting; business information systems in support of missile range operations at the Secret/TS levels.

Range radar, communications and computer design and integration in support of missile range operations at the Secret/TS levels; piloting data integration in support of developing smart cards and improved data management; navigating information technology operational refresher equipment and data centers systems while maintaining operational requirements.

The Center for Training Excellence (CTE), led by an experienced trainer and teacher with full time and independent, certified trainers, provide a steady state of targeted and timely on site, classroom and online training to employees that are fully compliant with all Federal Agencies’ IT certifications (as Oracle, Microsoft), upgraded software and new equipment training with formal training records accountability and management.

Example services include, but are not limited to:

  • Program Management
  • Value-Added Reseller
  • Network Optimization
  • Storage Solutions
  • Documentation Maintenance
  • Network Security Validation/Enhancements
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Systems Migration
  • Healthcare IT Operations