Facilities Management

Sophisticated integration of specialized, skilled subcontractors with high performance company management support systems, including Maximo to account for hundreds of product line items and PDAs to provide accurate maintenance and record keeping of various facility support equipment and machinery; highly experienced professionals who exceed standards of maintenance performance in officer and NCO dorms, family housing, administrative buildings, airports, terminals and operational centers at the TS/SCI levels of security for the Navy, TSA, Army, Veterans Administration, Coast Guard and National Park Service; dedicated, skilled teams aligned to grounds and tree maintenance specialties committed to safety practices, cost efficiencies and compliance to contract requirements; embedded Corporate Safety and Quality Control Assessments Program reinforce Safety as paramount and stress training and education as the path to exceeding standards of performance.  The Center for Training Excellence (CTE), led by an experienced trainer and professional instructor with full time and independent, certified trainers, provide a steady state of targeted and timely on site, classroom and online training to employees that are fully compliant with all Federal Agencies’ IT certifications (as OSHA rules and EPA guidelines), upgraded and new equipment training with formal training records accountability and management.